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TranskeiFire™ Luxury (Sativa)

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Note: cannabis is illegal in Southern Africa. However, legislation is changing and this could make it possible for you purchase quantities of at least 10 kg. 10 000 grams

If you would like world class cannabis and cannabis oil at less than 50% of your *current prices!

  1. Email a brief letter describing your intention and interest to import ( type of product required and the amount)

  2. Include that you have the authority to act on behalf of the company.

  3. That your country has given you permission to import this product/s.

  4. Your assurance that no amount or part thereof will be given, sold, or made available to any person or company within SA.

Please email ‘Urgent’ and Jane will get back to you within 24 hours.

Email address:

We would be delighted to offer you our best possible prices. *The 50% assumption of your current supplier/s is obviously a guess (Conservative) & depends on the type & quantity as we are certainly one of the 3 most affordable global producers but from our stats. we believe that if your company was prepared to consider (After a trial period) a commitment to purchase an agreed quantity of cannabis / medical product that we (South Africa) would be able to supply added value items under your branding, such if necessary we are able to offer and secure from 1 hectare / 2.39 acres up to 100 hectare approx. 2389 acres of our interest in the Transkei Estate project bespoke estates with corporate security. 

We would expect your request for samples and would not charge any fee. We reserve the right to charge a nominal shipping & handling fee of (Less than $100.00) for DHL direct to your offices.

Please be aware that we may require more documentation before shipping.

Thank You


SACANNX and the SA Cannabis Group.